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MAQ was founded by a group of people with the dream to simplify machining by removing vibration. Get to know us and our story.

Straight out of KTH

The need for removing vibration in machining processes

MAQ is based on the idea of reducing vibration in machining processes. It all began when Dr. Qilin Fu was a doctoral student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He studied the effects of vibration on machining and realized the technology needed improvement. Qilin proceeded to investigate different systems and materials he could apply to the problem.

MAQ was founded in 2017

Qilin reached a breakthrough in 2015 with the use of polymers. The following year, Qilin and his partners Mihai Nicolescu and Amir Rashid applied for a patent. MAQ was later founded and the name came from a combination of the first names of the co-founders.

In 2017, MAQ began to take form, and early investors helped fund the growth path. One of them was EIT InnoEnergy. In 2018, MAQ secured its first round of investments from foundations and private investors. Even vaster investments were received in 2019 from private investors and institutions. The company received public grants from the Sweden Innovation Agency VINNOVA and grants from several prestigious institutions. That has helped MAQ to develop technologies in turning, milling, and hole making.


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We are MAQ

We are a young company, but our breadth and depth of technical and market knowledge, along with the passion of our co-founders, advisors, and investors, have put us on equal footing with competitors that have been around for a long time.

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