Regardless of what industry you’re active in. If you’re a shop owner, manufacturing engineer, machine tool builder, or distributor. Our anti-vibration cutting tools for machining will be valuable to you. The self-tuning mass damper technology is included in all our cutting tools. It comes with the same benefits, like reducing vibration and the amount of rework, as well as enhancing productivity.

Machining cutting tools for every industry

There is always a desire to be more productive. If there was a possibility to get more work done in the same amount of time, wouldn’t you take it? With our anti-vibration machining cutting tools, you can reach higher productivity. And, you’ll get the right surface finish – the first time, and there’s no need for do-overs. Read more about some of the industries where our products are being used.


Aerospace & Defence

Commercial airplanes carry hundreds of passengers all over the world. Safety requirements are thus high, and there is a need for intricate precision and attention to detail, from the engine to the wings. MAQ’s vibration damped cutting tools for machining offer exact precision and provide a superior surface finish that doesn’t need secondary operations.

Thus, they have a given place in both aerospace machining and production of defense parts. Our anti-vibration damped tools stand the test for handling aluminum for building air space shuttles or titanium for military airframes.


The automotive industry is characterized by quick turnarounds, large production volumes, and long series productions. You use CNC machining to produce essential components of the car, as parts of the engine and suspension components. So, if you’re going to make 100 000 motor blocks, faster lead times and cost-effective products are crucial. MAQ’s STMD™ tool holders eliminate the need to slow cutting speeds or reduce the depth of cut.

You can, thereby, decrease cycle time and tooling costs while increasing tool life. As a result, our solution becomes a cost-effective alternative to expensive de-vibe tools.


Huge tools, grand solutions, and high precision. Machining in the energy sector requires high technological requirements for oil, gas, and renewable energy sources. Cutting tools used in this sector must often withstand extreme temperatures. It is an industry that is continually changing with advanced, modern technologies. New methods for generating power are evolving, and products need to adjust to the evolution.

Our vibration damped machining cutting tools can meet the high demands. We also use up-to-date EDI and web-based tools that will match your existing technical and commercial support.


Producing medical devices like surgical equipment or small, intricate parts like bone screws demand a high level of precision and reliability. A common challenge for manufacturers is that the machinery needs to be tailor-made for a sterile environment. The surface finish also needs to be perfect and meet high demands on machining tolerance. The MAQ STMD™ tool holders offer superior performance compared to traditional damped tool holders. You will be able to drill at faster production rates, and the surface finish will be close to perfection.

Parts manufacturers

All parts manufacturers want to increase productivity to be able to shorten production time. MAQ’s STMD™ tool holders are easy to use and will improve cutting tool performance out of the box. It’s a plug and play solution that won’t require maintenance or tuning. Our tools allow you to be flexible and get more work in the same amount of time.

Because when you’re working with various machining assignments, you can use the same tool holder for several tasks. That not only means you will become more productive but also more profitable.

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