Goodbye, vibrations!

Imagine a world without vibration. It would make your life easier, right? Eliminating vibration in machining completely is not possible. But with our machining tool holders, you can reduce vibration in machining substantially. Say hello to MAQ’s self-tuning mass damper™.

MAQ technology

The days of manual tuning are over

You might think that you either have to use machining tool holders with a pre-tuned frequency or fine-tune during the machining process. Think again! Our self-tuning mass damper (STMD™) tool holders automatically adjust to the CNC machining tool and process. MAQ’s self-tuning mass damper technology is included in all our anti-vibration tool holders and reduces vibration in a wide range of frequencies. This allows you to use the same vibration damped tool holder for more than one application. You never have to think about tuning again.

  • Improved surface finish in machining – get it right the first time
  • Plug-and-play – begin straight away
  • Maintenance-free – no need for do-overs

Get better results

Step up your machining processes with new tool holders

Reduce cycle time

With MAQ’s vibration damped tool holders, there’s no need to slow down, reduce the depth of cut or otherwise lengthen cycle time. Instead, you can often increase both the speed and feed to reduce the cycle time and get an even better result on surface quality.

Minimize tooling costs

Our anti-vibration machining tool holders also allow you to decrease tooling costs while increasing the lifetime of your tools. It is a cost-effective alternative to complex de-vibe tools that require manual adjustment. It also covers a wider application range and delivers a better surface quality compared to the vibration damped tools with pre-tuned mass dampers included.

Lower your scrap rate

Compared to our competitors, you will be able to reduce the total amount of scrap rate by 1-2 % with our vibration damped tool holder products. As an example, a machining center having a scrap rate of 4 % was reduced to 2 % after switching to MAQ STMD damped tool holder program.

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The difference is in the material

Our secret ingredient: the self-tuning mass damper

So, what’s the magic ingredient? It’s not magic, although quite groundbreaking. Other mass damper technologies use rubber or viscous fluid to increase the damping. That only allows the product to keep a very narrow frequency range, and you must have perfect pressure on both the rubber and the viscous fluid during machining. Otherwise, the fluid becomes rigid and solid or completely loses the vibration dampening function. A common problem when using viscous fluids in vibration damped machining tool holders is when it starts leaking, and you have to replace that tool.

MAQ’s tool holders feature a tungsten mass inside the tool that is completely dry. You get elastic support through a new-age polymer that self-adjusts its stiffness according to the frequency and reduces vibration in machining. That allows for automatic tuning of the mass damper without using advanced mechatronic systems. You will increase productivity and take your machining processes to the next level!

Self-tuning Mass Damper compare

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The result of extensive research

Get superior surface finish – the first time

The STMD™ technology is the result of over 25 years of research, testing, and product development from our founders and experts. On the images to the right, you can see the difference between conventional tools, our leading competitors, and MAQ’s STMD™ tools. Our technology results in superior performance compared to other damped tool holders on the market. MAQ STMD™ anti-vibration tool holders not only improve feeds and speeds, but also improve the finishing of the final surface. It will decrease adjustment time and provide a smooth surface finish that doesn’t need secondary operations.

How is the STMD™ tool holder able to achieve better results? In all machining processes where a workpiece is getting cut by a machining tool, the machine tool will vibrate and will leave bumping surface marks on the workpiece. These marks will create a bumping force on the machining tool at the same frequency if the cutting speed remains the same, and the machining tool will vibrate more and more over time.

MAQ’s STMD™ tool holder produces a better surface finish because the mass damping system can cover a wide range of vibration frequencies. The STMD™ can maintain the rigidity of the machining tool holder and cover a wide range of L/D ratios and machining parameters.

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