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We simplify machining by reducing vibration

We wanted to make machining easier for you. An alternative to traditional vibration damped machining tools. So, we turned a complex technology into a simple yet effective, plug-and-play solution. MAQ’s self-tuning mass damper (STMD™) is used for CNC milling, turning, and holemaking operations. A vibration damped machine tool or tool holder that heavily reduces the unpredictable and frustrating byproducts of machining: vibrations (regenerative tool chatter).
Reduce cycle time
Minimize tooling costs
Lower your scrap rate

One of a kind technology

What MAQ’s self-tuning mass damper tool holders can do to improve your machining processes

Reduce vibration

You can’t take away vibration from machining, but you can significantly reduce it. Our STMD technology automatically adjusts to the targeted frequency in the machining operation, and our vibration damped tool holders automatically adapt to your machining operation.

Increase productivity

Since our vibration damped tool holder products can assure less scrap and higher reliability, you can increase the speed or feed to increase productivity. Moreover, the energy consumption will be reduced because of the reduced vibration in machining.

Become more cost-efficient

We have fixed prices, and our price level is attractive because we have a simplified technology to reduce vibrations and our vibration damped tool holder is dry from oils.

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A solution suitable across industries

We know you need anti-vibration tools that stand the test. Are you producing large titanium plates for the aerospace industry? Intricate, fine-tuned medical equipment? Regardless of what industry you work in or what you make, our vibration damped tool holder products help end users, distributors, and many more handle everyday challenges with vibrations in machining processes.

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Our self-tuning mass damper technology (STMD) is always included in our vibration damped tools. See how our technology creates exceptional results reducing vibration in machining.

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