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Our vibration damped milling tool holders with the self tuning mass damper™ (STMD) technology inside will help you reduce vibration in machining. Like our products for turning, our milling tool holders contain a tungsten mass supported by polymer discs, which have a frequency-dependent stiffness. The de-vibe milling tool holders have a self-tuning function that helps you overcome vibrations in machining caused by:

  • Use of multiple inserts on a single tool holder for high feed rate per rotation/revolution
  • Tooth passing frequency matches the resonance frequency
  • The long reach of a milling tool that requires L/D ratios over 3

Groundbreaking technology

How our STMD™ makes all the difference

Tuned mass damper tool holders aren’t new, but self-tuning mass damper tool holders is unheard of – until MAQ. Our vibration-damping milling tool holders with the STMD™ technology are easy to install and easy to use. It works at any setup you have in your production facility.

You can think of it as a smart milling tool holder that adjusts to machining conditions in real-time while enabling you to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). You will be able to shorten production time in several ways. One of them is because our milling tool holders make tuning unnecessary – it does it for you automatically!

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Solving the tool vibration challenges in milling operations

For milling applications, the focus is usually the material removal rate. That is dependent on speed, feed, depth of cut, and a number of inserts. When tool vibration becomes challenging in a milling operation, these four parameters are sub-optimized. That means a reduction in speed, feed, depth of cut, and the number of inserts.

A milling tool holder with better vibration dampening properties will increase productivity a lot, compared to a conventional tool holder. With MAQ’s STMD™ anti-vibration milling tool holders, you won’t need to slow down or reduce the number of inserts. The mass damper automatically adjusts to the vibrations that cause the tool chatter, and you will be able to proceed and, in fact, usually increase the speed.

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