Nor-Swiss x MAQ: Excellence Beyond Cutting

Since the very beginning, Nor-Swiss has stood at the forefront of the metal cutting industry in Norway, a legacy of innovation and quality upheld by their long-standing partnership with suppliers and customers alike. As a part of the expansive Ege-Group, Nor-Swiss has distinguished themselves within the metal cutting division, leveraging a unique blend of tradition and forward-thinking to serve the demanding Norwegian market.

The company’s strategic pivot through their partnership with MAQ has marked a significant milestone, reinforcing their position on the market. This collaboration underscores Nor-Swiss’s commitment to leading through innovation, enhancing their product offerings, and staying ahead of market trends.

A Strategic Shift with New Ownership

In 2023, Nor-Swiss underwent a significant transformation when Bertel O. Steen Industry (BOS), a large family-owned entity based in Oslo with around 3,000 employees, acquired Ege-Group including Nor-Swiss. This change in ownership marked a new chapter in Nor-Swiss’s journey, bringing fresh perspectives while maintaining the familial ethos at the core. The acquisition was part of BOS’s strategic expansion, integrating the Ege-Group into a conglomerate of 13-14 companies, primarily located in Norway, but also extending across Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Focused Expertise in Metal Cutting

Nor-Swiss, nestled within the original Ege-Group, operates within three key divisions, with roots in the metal cutting sector. This specialization allows Nor-Swiss to cater to a variety of industries, with a particular emphasis on mechanical industries influenced heavily by Norway’s robust oil and gas sector. The company’s adeptness at handling exotic materials and complex applications has set them apart, supported by an impressive repertoire of over 400 suppliers and 25-30 key principles.

Revolutionizing the Market with MAQ

The cornerstone of Nor-Swiss’s success lies in their exclusive partnerships and the exceptional quality of the brands it represents. Some of these partnerships extend back 20, 30, even 40 years, demonstrating a commitment to longevity and reliability. Yet, in order to keep these commitments lasting, one must also stay ahead of the competition.

In a landscape where tradition meets innovation, Nor-Swiss’s collaboration with MAQ has emerged as a cornerstone of their strategy to lead the market. This partnership, initiated in late 2022, has complemented and improved Nor-Swiss’s product offerings, especially in de-vibration tools and cutting solutions. MAQ’s superior quality products, boasting a wider diameter range and competitive pricing, directly address the challenges of processing exotic materials with reduced vibrations and extended tool longevity. This collaboration is not just a testament to Nor-Swiss’s innovative spirit but also their commitment to staying ahead in a competitive industry.

The MAQ Advantage in Securing Tomorrow

Nor-Swiss aspires to uphold their status as the premier sales organization within Norway’s metal cutting sector, a goal further realized through their partnership with MAQ. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-focused service, enriching Nor-Swiss’s product catalog and aligning perfectly with their strategic ambitions for technological and market leadership.

Bent Muggerud, the general manager of Nor-Swiss with a tenure starting in 1996, highlights the transformative impact of collaborating with MAQ: “This alliance has not only diversified Nor-Swiss’s product offerings but has also strategically positioned the company to anticipate and lead market trends effectively.”

As Nor-Swiss continues to embrace the evolving dynamics of the metal industry, their partnership with MAQ stands as a testament to their dedication both to innovation and high quality. Together, Nor-Swiss and MAQ are charting the future of metal cutting, ensuring Nor-Swiss remains at the forefront of an ever-changing industry landscape.

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