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New record – a 16 mm tool at 15xD setup!

New record – a 16 mm tool at 15xD setup!

At MAQ, we make continuous R&D efforts to challenge ourselves and improve our products. This is a new record for vibration damped tools and our 16 mm tool has now an improved performance at 15xD setup. We have optimized every corner in the design, that has an impact on the product performance.

The machining test shows that the tool performs well in the full range between 12xD and 15xD setup, see below the test result summary:


“It is amazing to see that the product STMD M16-268 works so good at 15xD, which is, so far, not possible with any other products. We have created something new here at MAQ.” Commented our CEO. Take the chance to look at our recorded video of the product here.

If you are having challenges using a 16mm tool at 12-15xD setup, MAQ is probably the only company that has a solution for you, in the world.

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