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How does a vibration damped turning tool work ? – a demonstration with sound tuning fork.

How to tell the difference between a vibration damped and a standard tool?

Understanding vibration is difficult, and it takes years of education. At MAQ, we want to make people understand vibrations.

We can feel vibrations when we touch it, hear it or see it’s consequences. When a turning tool chatter, we hear the screaming sound, and we see the surface waves.  Vibration needs to exceed a certain level until our sensors – ears, eyes, and nerves, can feel it. There is always a first time, when we introduce a vibration damped machining tool. We want to show you how a vibration damped tool works differently.

At MAQ, we came up with the great idea of using a sound tuning fork to demonstrate the difference between a vibration damped tool and a conventional tool. A sound tuning fork can excite vibration on a standard steel tool, and make collision sound. However, a STMD vibration damped turning tool remains Silent and Steady, when it touches the sound tuning fork.

Look at the video where you can learn more about vibration dampening!

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