Why are you still using carbide bars to reduce vibrations?

 Why are you still using carbide bars to reduce vibrations?

Time to change to the new release of STMD 3-6XD turning tool holders!

The discussion started a year ago, asking if our STMD technology could be used on short tool holders where tungsten carbide bars are mostly used. We have finally concluded and answer “Yes, we can!”

Tungsten carbide bars are not damped bars. The fact is the carbide bars are stiffer and became the economical choice to reduce vibrations in machining.

We are amazed by the results, and we actually managed to outperform a stiffer carbide bar at its sweet spots with our technology. We thought that it should be possible to improve the surface finish from a carbide bar, and we achieve Ra below 0.4 µm. We even made it possible to use a Wiper-edge insert in internal turning, where vibration is obviously a problem. So now it is possible to use a wiper edge on our tools to double the feed rate and cut down the cycle time by half while making a surface finish at Ra below 0.8 µm.

Today with the 3-6XD STMD products release, the carbide bar is no longer a choice. The new 3-6XD products from MAQ cover all the diameters from 16mm to 40mm, with lower price and much better performance, see below.

Comparison of Carbide SDUCR 16mm & MAQ STMD M16-138 SDUCRWith the 3-6XD products from MAQ, you can have 100% reliability using standard inserts and can reach a surface finish of Ra 0.4um. You can also use a wiper edge insert to boost productivity, reaching a surface finishing finer than Ra 0.8um.

With a vision to “simplify machining” by reducing vibration, we believe that all machining processes are impaired by vibration. The negative impact has a strong impact on the productivity of our customers and their manufacturing cost. Are you still using carbide tool holders to reduce vibration? It is time to re-think MAQ for a sec.

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