Circular economy – MAQ’s new re-manufacturing service 

Circular economy – MAQ’s new re-manufacturing service. Any damaged MAQ tool in the cupboard? Ask MAQ to revive it!

MAQ is undergoing a process of change: from only offering sales of new products to providing a full concept which includes re-manufacturing and re-certifying of existing tools.


MAQ has been selling its Turning tools since the end of 2018, and today there are more than 2000 MAQ STMD (Self Tuning Mass Damper) turning tools in use in workshops all over the world. Currently, the number of MAQ tools in operation more than doubles every year.

With the circular economy mindset at MAQ, we have designed our products with the re-manufacturing concept from the start. We all know that accidents that can damage the tools, happen in machining. From time to time, we have customers coming back and asking if we could repair their MAQ tool and therefore we have, during a period, tried out our re-manufacturing program., The main objective was to verify that we can handle the process as well as return the tool with a perfect performance at a reasonable cost.

If a MAQ tool is damaged the customer sends the tool to the MAQ HQ in Sweden. The engineers at MAQ will analyze the tool and return, to the customer with an offer including the alternatives at hand. We will provide the customer with the information necessary to make an informed decision of whether re-manufacturing is viable, or exchange should be considered. The customer chooses an alternative, informs MAQ and we get to work. If the tool is severely damaged there might be a limitation on how much of the damaged tool, we can re-use.

When we get a customer’s confidence to re-manufacture a tool, we cannot promise that all parts can be re-used but we can promise that we will do everything we can to keep the cost down and at the same time protect our planet by re-using as much as possible. Parts that can’t be reused will be sent for recycling. We will also, both promise and guarantee that the tool will be as good as new!

Transparency over the whole product life 


MAQ is responding to the customers’ demand and is continuing to expand its capacity to provide better customer service. We are committed to supporting our customers and this is one example of our effort.

“We aim to make it easy for our customers to choose our products and continue to use our products.”

Simplify Machining – by MAQ

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