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Comparison of STMD against the market leader

When Facing the giants, You needs to be the best!

In 2018 MAQ got invited to DMG Mori in Japan for a third-party test against the best vibration damped tools on the market. The boost it gave us to beat five other brands and come out on top is still driving us! Already then, we decided that every tool we make shall be better than the best competitor!.

In our own workshop, we regularly test our tools against the competition, just to make sure we are still on top! Here is an example of how it can look. This is a 25mm tool, and we set it up at 7xD as that is the length that the operational length recommended by the manufacturer.  In short, we pick the “best” tool on the market, set it up as the competitor wants, and compare it with our STMD:

When a competing product marks its product as 7xD, it has restrictions. It may or may not work as you wanted, and you still have vibrations. There is not any machining tool that comes without vibrations at all. The question is whether you accept the vibration or not.

As you can see and hear the STMD tool outperforms the best competitor even if we compete at their “sweet spot”. We also know that as soon we move away from their recommended operational length the difference will grow bigger.  Thanks to the unique, and patented, usage of a nano-structured polymer that adjusts its stiffness to the vibrations we know that an STMD tool performs within the whole bandwidth.

Pay close attention to your surface finish, geometric tolerance, and tool life. Don’t settle for the second-best, try MAQ STMD next time. You get a more versatile product, beating the best and  you even save some money already at the purchase!

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