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Cool Video Explaining the K-Factor & the Science behind STMD

At MAQ, we simply don’t believe in the status quo and incremental improvements. Our vision is to simplify the machining. How do we do that? Introducing a completely new technology that helps solve one of the most unpredictable and frustrating by-product of machining: are Vibrations.

In this video, we introduce the problem. Using a standard tool is too slow and not very good at long Length to Diameter (L/D) ratios. We then look at existing solutions on the market. They work great until you hit a change in parameters.

Through our founder’s research, we found out that the performance of the de-vibe tool is linked to what we call the “k” factor: The simple concept is that stiffness needs to vary to allow for vibration absorption. That’s where MAQ really shines.

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