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Customer Story from QR Industries in Arlington, WA

Terry Olsen from QR Industries in Arlington, WA wrote to Josh Robinette our Distributor from Cutting Tool Control, Inc. from Seatle, WA the following:

I used a 5/8” x 8” MAQ bar with a CCMT head.  I used it on a 15-5 job boring a .830” hole out to .940” and the bore was 6.8” deep.  I clamped the bar using a split bushing.  I ran the bar at .015” DOC, .008” IPR, and 600 SFM.  Terry’s comment was “I thought for sure I would hear something when the insert hit the cut, but it was quite the whole time and left a good finish.  I normally wouldn’t have quoted this type of job because of the deep bore.”

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