Goodbye 15xD vibrations! Meet our newest mass damper

For us – size doesn’t matter. Say hello to our new anti-vibe tool holder for 15xD applications!


Machining operations using high L/D ratio tools have the most prominent vibration issues. These vibrations have been bugging the metalworking industry for years, causing damaged parts, poor surface quality and increased production costs. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that the team at MAQ now offers a way to automatically damp the vibration in the tool holder for all the 15xD applications.The tool has a diameter of 16 mm, and is doing machining at 240 mm overhang length.

How it works

The self-tuning mass damper 15xD is specialized for long reach applications and adjusts itself as vibration occurs. The MAQ technique allows you to boost productivity through simplified machining, as you don’t need any tuning. The tools work excellent from 10xD all the way up to 15xD.

The Available 15xD range as of today:

  • 16 mm STMD M16-268
  • 20 mm STMD M20-340
  • 25 mm STMD M25-430
  • 32 mm STMD M32-544

15xD on the rest of standard program will be available later in the autumn 2020.

Check out our 16 mm 15xD damper in action


MAQ’s Self-Tuning Tools – The Benefits

To learn more about our unique method and the technology behind our self-tuning tools, get our brochure and dig deeper into all the benefits of removing vibration in machining.


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