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Internal diamond burnishing – for surface finish below Ra 0.3 µm (16 µin)

Diamond burnishing with vibration damped turning tool
Reaching a good surface finish has always been challenging, especially when it comes to internal machining. It’s even more difficult when the holes are deep and narrow which calls for a tool with a long overhang. To master also those processes MAQ is introducing its diamond burnishing line, with multiple cutter heads, with SL interface!
Picture 1
 With the new product line, you can effectively reach a surface finish at Ra 0.3 µm, even with tools at 15xD setup, see the above example of 25 mm product series. Seeing is believing so take a look at the video here: To be able to clearly see the result we this time do external turning.
Picture 2
 The diamond burnishing process is known for its capacity of creating a shiny surface finish with reduced friction, combined with the advantage of a hardened surface layer for wear resistance and a dense surface topology for its chemical resistance. Mounted on a MAQ STMD turning tool holder, the burnishing tool will bring all these advantages to your turning machine, even for the internal turning operation, without even changing the setup of your workpiece clamping.
Picture 3
 Are we the first in the world to manage this for up to 15xD overhang?

If you are facing a challenge in reaching a surface finish below Ra 0.8 µm in an internal turning operation, you know what to do. Contact MAQ or your MAQ partner and we can Simplify Machining for you!

Our mission is to bring new technology to the workshops to make things better, faster, and easier. “Simplify Machining” in other words!


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