Looking back at 2021

Looking back at 2021

Another year is coming to its end, looking back at 2021 and what MAQ had done here is a small recap.

January: We started with the introduction of MAQ\s new website and the introduction of the STMD M10-150 SDUCR, STFCR, and SCLCR.

February: MAQ announced that we had been selected by MSC in the US to be part of their product offering by the summer. In regards to Product introductions, we had the STMD 3 to 6xD bars to replace the Carbide bars in that range and the introduction of the Digital Protractor.

March: The left-hand cutter heads became available for SDUCL, STFCL, and SCLCL, we also introduced our Certified Master inserts.

April: We made an article about the History of Vibration Dampening.

May: Dr. Qilin Fu explained the Unique Advantages of Using Nanostructured Polymers in MAQ -tools.

June: We showed the STMD M60-808 at 11xD in a video and its performance.

August: We have been asked what are the limits with the STMD technology, and Dr. Qilin Fu showed the success of a 350 mm Diameter tool holder with 5400 mm length utilizing the STMD technology and the results for the customer when using our technology.

September: 15xD MAQ STMD M25-430 and we showed that it even worked at 16xD in a video, and Roughing Operating at 14xD.

October: We published a Customer Story and their experience with MAQ STMD Bars. There was also an article about MAQ Joining the Electro-Mobility Futur.

November: Simplify Machining with MAQ Master Inserts, explaining the way and how. MAQ also published Circular Economy- MAQ’s new re-Manufacturing service, asking customers if they had any damaged MAQ tools in their cupboard, to send and ask MAQ if possible to Revive those.

December: Announcing New Record, A 16 mm STMD bar at 15xD set up that worked perfectly at 12, 13, 14, and 15xD with our new carbide backend.

At MAQ, we make continuous R&D efforts to challenge ourselves and improve our products.

Reflecting back we have done a lot, at the same time we have had restrictions that meant we could not travel and do business as normal, by the way, what is normal these days? But as always we adapt and we evolve and we continue our growth to Simplify Machining. Now with the holidays around the corner, it is time to relax, eat, and enjoy your time with family and friends.

We at MAQ wish all of you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

See you all in 2022.

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