MAQ joins the electro-mobility future!

MAQ is proud to be invited to join the SIMPLE project, working on “saving time and cost” for machining of electric-vehicle components with high complexity and low rigidity. The project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation Sweden and led by the University of Skövde, together with Aurobay and Volvo Lastvagnar AB.

The emerging electro-mobility market is increasing the demand for processing high complexity components, which requires advanced machining tools to control the vibrations in machining. The project will make use of the MAQ vibration damped machining tools to boost the productivity in machining of high complexity components in electro-driven vehicles. By participating in the project, the MAQ team will get closer to the future of the electro-mobility market.

“SIMPLE (Simulation-Based Intelligent Process Planning for Machining of Electro-mobility) project is funded by The Knowledge Foundation Sweden. The consortium is made of University of Skövde, Volvo Lastvagnar AB, Aurobay and MAQ AB. This project aims to develop a virtual process planning tool that combines virtual machining simulations with evolutionary techniques. The project formulates the whole process planning procedure as an optimization problem to optimize the machining processes of complex and low-rigidity electro-mobility components. With such a tool, the process planners can achieve a cost-efficient machining process, while minimizing the number of physical machining tests. The benefit includes not only the alleviated workload of the process planner but also the shortened lead time and reduced R&D cost for developing machining strategy of new components. The tool will aim to guarantee the quality of the studied components during the process planning stage.

By participating in the project, the consortium members maintain their competitiveness on the globally emerging electro-mobility market.”

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