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MAQ releases three modular fixtures for multi-task machines

Quick and automatic tool change is becoming more popular in workshops, and MAQ is releasing three modular fixtures to make it easy to use MAQ vibration damped turning tools for quick and automatic tool change systems.

The following three items are added to the catalog:

Art. Nr Backend D (mm) L (mm)
PSC50-SLT32x62-71 PSC50 32 62
PSC63-SLT40x72-86 PSC63 40 72
HSK63T-SLT32x62-90 HSK63T 32 62

“We have searched the market to be able to suggest something to our customers, and often found items not suitable for our vibration damped tools. Some even made a wrong design with a slot, that reduces the rigidity substantially, on the cross-section and claim that it is good for vibration damped tools. We have now developed our own modular fixtures that accommodate our reduction sleeves very well, and we know that it works excellent with our damped tools.” Commented our CTO, Dr. Qilin Fu.

With the modular fixture system, you can easily switch tools with different diameters, and you can also adjust the overhang length of the tool for different jobs. With our STMD technology inside, the mass dampening efficiency is maintained at the highest level, because our dampers automatically adjust themselves.

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