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MAQ STMD M60-808 @11XD

When it comes to turning tools with a diameter bigger than 40 mm, it often becomes difficult to define the clamping, due to the lack of standard clamping devices. Tools with a diameter bigger than 40 mm are also often used for finishing but also for roughing. With the tools getting longer, the bending torque on the bar can sometimes exceed the limit of the turret on the machine. As an example of our STMD M60-808 at 11xD making 3 mm depth of cut roughing in steel, the bending torque on the clamping end of the tool is in the magnitude of about 800 Nm.

We made a customized fixture on a VDI40 turret to clamp a 60mm bar and demonstrate that our STMD M60-808-40 product is well designed for both fine finishing and roughing operations, covering up to 11xD. It confirms that our end-users can use a 60mm bar at 11xD setup if they are having a standard turning machine like ours. They don’t need to invest millions in a larger machine.

MAQ damped machining tools made not only for finishing but also for roughing!

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