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How a self-tuning mass damper tool helps you save time and money

Self-tuning mass dampers help you get rid of quality issues in your metal cutting operations to a lower price with a higher production rate. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! Here’s how it’s done.

How much does self-tuning mass damper tools cost? The answer isn’t “it depends”. Cause it doesn’t. We have fixed prices, and they are supposed to be affordable. The price level is low simply because we have lowered the production costs. The innovative technology of self-tuning dampers isn’t just easier to use, it’s also easier to build compared to the older generation of damped toolholders. The dampers that contain liquid and tuning devices require a more advanced production process. The self-tuning damper is a dry solution that is more cost efficient to produce. That’s the reason we can stay affordable. Head to the full self-tuning mass damper price list to see how much it would cost you to change your toolsets to a modern anti-vibe solution.

Is your process more of a custom-made kind of operation? Well, then the pricing does depend on a lot of different things. Get in touch with one of our specialists and we will help you with everything you need.

The life-cycle is longer

The self-tuning mass damper allows you to silent the vibrations and use harder carbide inserts in your cutting tools. Without the vibrations, your carbide inserts will last longer. With a standard solution, you wear out an insert in approximately 20 minutes of effective cutting time. Using a damped tool to shut out the vibration, the same carbide tip can go on for 40 minutes or longer. Once you get rid of the vibrations, the life-cycle of your tool wear will increase substantially and your operators save valuable time.

Self-tuning tools allow high speed and feed

The older generation of damped tools is highly functional. But, they have some limitations when it comes to speed. The dampers can be used with a stiff carbide bar to get rid of the vibrations, but only if you slow down the whole operation. If you are not in a hurry, this might not be a problem. But, when you work with longer series with thousands of pieces, every second counts. With a self-tuning mass damper, you don’t have to reduce speed to keep the vibrations away. Flexible tuning allows you to remain, or even increase, both speed and feed in your metal cutting operations, which means you can use your machine tools at full capacity. For a complex operation with multi-series, the production time can be reduced over ten times using a self-tuning mass damper tool.

The tools are repairable

A self-tuning mass damper is a sustainable tool in many ways. The dry technology that is used to build the tool holder makes it less vulnerable and not as fragile as the older generation of dampers. This means you can store them any way you like, they will not get damaged or leak when they aren’t being used. But if it does break, it’s easy and cheap to repair. While the old mass dampers can be very expensive to fix, the head of the self-tuning tool is standard and can easily be replaced. The damping mass inside can also be recycled into new tools.

Everyone can use it

Tools shouldn’t require any extra treatment or user manuals. The best options are always the ones that don’t need an introduction. That’s why the self-tuning mass damper is a plug and play unit. Anyone can use it, the only thing you need to know is how to change your tools. The self-tuning mass damper has the standard holder where you clamp the tool, so once you’ve received your order you are ready to go. Just remember to tell the operators they need to keep the speed up to keep the vibrations down. It’s probably the only advice you need.

Are you ready to go anti-vibe? Try our tools – get a quote for your machines.

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