Multi-task turning tools ready to ship!

Development of the multi-task tools at MAQ is a natural progress of our standard turning tool portfolio. Unlike the straight turning tool program which will have a changing L/D ratio which affects the prominent vibration frequency, the multi-task tools typically have a fixed L/D ratio.

The challenge in the multi-task tool is its overall performance, that it can cut deep, it cut fast, and it can create superior surface finish. Here our polymer again showed its strength when targeting at a specific frequency range, by taking care of also other vibration frequencies, which affects the surface finish during machining.

The market had usually limited the maximum overhang length of the multi-task tools, typically because of the limitation of the tools utilizing the older technology, where the performance range is limited. This is not the case when it comes to the STMD technology, as our damper can handle the situation without any compromise on its performance.

With the first release, we are offering the different backends of PSC32 – PSC80 (exchangeable to CAPTO) and HSK63T, with tool shank diameters between 16mm and 40 mm. And of course, more will come with time.

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