Our vibration damped tool holders for DCMT, TCMT, and CCMT inserts are here!

At MAQ, we work against vibrations on all machine tools, and we always look to expand our portfolio with bigger and smaller dimensions. We now present our new vibration damped tool holders with 12 mm diameter (½ inch) for applications up to 11XD setup.

A challenging development

It has been a challenge to develop these products because when the bar diameter gets smaller and its static stiffness low, the pressure is put on the vibration damping performance. Competing products avoid the cooling channel on the bar to increase its stiffness. We did not want to give up a cooling channel since we believe it is necessary for turning applications, to prolong the lifetime of cutting edges, and maintaining the quality of machined surfaces.

Keep the same cutting speed at all times

Due to vibrations, many people use carbide tools with a very low cutting speed. We don’t think you should have to compromise because of vibrations, so with our STMD vibration damped turning tool holders, you won’t have to slow down. We always recommend using the suggested cutting speed of the cutting insert.

See the tool in action

Our new products will enable you to machine hole sizes from 16 mm and above, and they are also available in ½ inch fraction, something we know are in demand at the US market.

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