Prepare for the fall with MAQademy!

We want you to love our tools as much as we do. To do that – you need to understand how they work and how they’ll make your life easier. That’s why we created MAQademy!


The purpose of MAQademy is for you to get a better understanding of what we do at MAQ and how our technology is changing the industry. We kicked off MAQademy this spring and launched three webinars about how to deal with tool chatter and increase productivity in the supply chain. If you haven’t seen them, we recommend you take some time this summer to get ahead and watch these lessons right now!



Session 1 – Everything you need to know about vibrations in the machining industry! 

The ultimate introduction to vibrations in machining processes, such as turning and milling.

Session 2 – The ultimate “reduce vibrations in the machining process” session

Learn about the current technologies for reducing vibrations in machining processes, such as turning and milling. This session also covers other related techniques that are widely applicable to machine tools.


Session 3 – The MAQ self-tuning mass damper school!

Get to know the MAQ self-tuning mass damper technology. The vibration damped tuning and milling tools will assist you in removing vibrations and regenerative machine tool chatter during machining.



Do you want to join MAQademy this fall and learn more about vibrations? Tell us you are interested in our “focus on vibrations in milling” webinars by filling out the form below.

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