4 efficient ways to shorten production time in machining operations

Even if you are running a high-speed machining operation, there are things you can do to make the production run even smoother. Do you want to shorten your production time using smarter and more efficient solutions? Here are a few things you can do.

1. Increase speed and feed

Are you already running as fast as you can? We believe there’s room for some improvement. If you are using rigid tools or the old generation of mass dampers to deal with the tool chatter in your operations, you aren’t going full speed. In fact, you are only going half as fast as you can go, wasting the valuable capacity of your machines and tools. 

With a self-tuning mass damper solution in your tool holders, you won’t need to slow down. The damper automatically adjusts to the vibrations causing the tool chatter, even in long-reach applications. The groundbreaking technology allows you to increase speed and feed with as much as 100 %, without compromising with a high-quality surface.

2. Cut unnecessary production stops

An average carbide head lasts up to 20 minutes before wearing out. Using a self-tuning mass damper tool holder, the pressure on the carbide head decreases. With this smart solution, your machining operators can use the same carbide head for over 40 minutes before switching to a new one. The time you save making fewer stops will increase the productivity of every machine, and make life easier for the machinists.

3. Get rid of your grinding operation

Is the grinding really necessary? Grinding parts is all about meeting the quality standards required. But what if you wouldn’t need to grind them? If you cut with the tool holders that incorporate the new vibration-damping technology you can produce a smooth high-quality surface without any additional grinding. The damping solution takes care of the tool chatter so efficiently that it won’t affect the surface. And just like that, you have your high-quality parts ready to move on without even turning on the grinding machine.

4.Quit time-consuming damper tuning

If you are using the old generation of tuned mass dampers as vibration-damping technology to get rid of your tool chatter, you are wasting valuable time. It’s too complicated for everyone to adjust, and the frequency needs to be adjusted manually for each application and workpiece. Shifting to a tool holder with a self-tuning mass damper that automatically adjusts to a wide range of vibration frequencies saves you the time your operators spend on altering their toolsets. The plug and play solution is adapted to fit all the standard machines. All the machinists have to do is to get familiar with the simplified way of metalworking.

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