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Ready to ship, MAQ PSC back end turning tools!

Now MAQ is launching turning tools with PSC (compatible with CAPTO) on the market. The connection provides fast tool change, repeated precision, and high rigidity in the rotational direction of a clamping device.

Initially, MAQ enter the market with four tools with diameters 25 mm and 32 mm with the PSC50 backend (compatible with CAPTO C5). The range will during the year grow to comprise tools from diam 8mm up to 40mm with back ends PSC30 to PSC63 (compatible with CAPTO C3-C6).

The advantage of the STMD solution is that it can assure the product’s performance at different setups. Particularly, when the L/D ratio is at 10xD or beyond, the STMD technology enables a tool holder made of steel to work well without compromised performance. Compared to our market peers, our STMD technology makes it possible, for the same tool dimension, to have a longer overhang. The increase in functioning length makes it possible for our customers to make deeper holes, with recommended cutting speed, depth, and feed from the insert.

Please check out our demonstration video here,

Have you already invested in multi-task machines to increase automation and shorten production cycle time? The MAQ PSC backend product series will be a great tool for you to achieve your return on investment faster.

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