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Roughing with the STMD M40-408 and PDUNR 40-1 1/2

We often get the question of whether you can use a Damped STMD bar for Roughing. We have done tests and we knew that STMD bars can do Roughing, but what and where are the limits.

We took an STMD M40-408 with the cutter Head PDUNR 40-1 1/2 and DNMG 150608-HR insert, we had the STMD bar at 7xD and the insert has a max recommendation of the depth of 6mm but we wanted to push the limits, so we went for 7mm.

Now roughing is to cut deep and you are not looking for finishing, but you can not have waves and you still need to have straightness.

We at MAQ love to push the limits, look at the video and contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

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