The perfect show for MAQ tools! IMTS 2022

After more than 4 years since the last IMTS, the exhibition came through, like they say the show must go on!

Some of the larger exhibitors were not there but still, a lot of people managed to show up and walk the show looking for new innovating technologies.

We at MAQ had a very good show, we always look for quality leads and not quantity, and one of the comments we got was that customers felt that we bring new technology to the market and they were very happy when looking at some of our innovating Turning di-vibe bars.

We showed the new STMD M8-120 STFCR damped bar with a through hole for internal coolant, nobody in the industry has a tool like that and we at MAQ love the challenge and keep developing new tools so that our end customers can work better and easier without vibrations.

We also showed the New Milling tools coming now in the autumn, the straight shaft milling tools have diameters of 20, 25, and 32mm.

To everybody that visited MAQ at IMTS, I would like to thank you for showing your interest in the MAQ product line, Thanks!

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