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The World’s Smallest Damped Turning Tool, new World-record again!

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are, again(!), presenting the world’s smallest vibration-dampening turning tool! Ready to ship from MAQ!

After the success of our STMD M08 and STMD I 5/16 damped bars in November 2022, we had a customer ask us if it was possible to do an even smaller vibration-dampening bar. They needed to do a turning operation inside a hole that was only 8mm in diameter and 60 mm deep. They had tried everything they could find but not even the best (most expensive(?)) carbide bar could get close to the surface finish they needed. Our Partner contacted us, and we decided to take on the challenge. Is it even possible to build such a small damped bar? We put in all our experience, knowledge, and dedication (again the MAQ spirit), and together with our Partner, their new customer, and our suppliers we managed!

MAQ STMD M06-90 SCLCR (300680) and STMD I 1/4-3.5 SCLCR (300681)!

Looking at the results of the test we were astonished by how fantastic surface finish the tool produced.

As you can we now have the standard Damped Turning bars from 6mm to 80mm in diameter or 1/4″ to 3″ bars in diameter.

It’s a proud team that now took another giant step, even if the tool is small, to Simplify Machining in workshops all over the world! And, no one else can do it so make sure you turn to MAQ also when you have small dimensions and high requirements. The MAQ STMD technology is unbeatable!

Designed to machine the smallest hole size of 8 mm, the product STMD M06-90 SCLCR and or STMD I 1/4-3.5 SCLCR can boost your productivity and cut both deeper and faster as well as produce a superior surface finish. See our machining video here: 

Our mission is to bring new technology to the workshops to make things better, faster, and easier. “Simplify Machine” in other words!

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